Taking It Personally

Today was my second meeting with my personal trainer, Carla.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I never really considered hiring a personal trainer; it seemed like a waste of money for something I could do myself.

But after a couple of times going to the gym, staring at the weights and equipment and people who just seemed to…belong there, I decided that, without help, I would never be one of those people.  And I wanted to be.  I like the feeling of achievement I get from completing a tough workout, and I like the upswing in my mood and energy level…I just didn’t know how to get those things on my own.

Obesity and unhealthiness run in my family. I am basically down to do or die time here. I’ve read that it’s much harder to drastically change your body (like drop fat and build muscle) after you turn 30. I’m looking 27 in the face.

So I bit the bullet and started googling.  Carla’s name came up pretty quickly as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and running coach who lives in the neighborhood.  After a couple of emails, she gave me a call, and gave me a lot to think about.

Why do you feel like you need a personal trainer? What are your short-term goals and long-term goals? Do you like to exercise? What other things in your life do you think you need to change?

This wasn’t just a lady who was going to come and tell me to lift heavier weights, folks. She was going to dig down deep, get at the root and heart of why I wanted to work with her.  And honestly, the short-term goal was simple:  I want to look like  a rockstar on my wedding day.  I want to look back at my photos and think, “Dang, I looked amazing!”

The long-term goals were a little more challenging, but I finally decided that by this time next year, I want to be sleeping like a normal human being (chronic insomniac and irritated sleeper), drinking water (apparently I need 80 ounces a day), and in a place to maintain a life-long good body.

This was my step today toward balance; shifting out of my apartment, out of my comfort zone and into the gym, into sore muscles and accountability and a healthy future me. I think it was a good step.

Have you taken a step toward something good for you recently? Was it difficult?



  1. I’m still finding my balance. I like food. Thankfully that includes veggies, fruits, healthy stuff — but it also includes cheese, fries, cookies, etc. I also find myself eating mindlessly or making bad choices out of hunger or laziness sometimes.

    But, I have discovered that after years of fighting with exercise, of lacking motivation, and doing a lot of walking (but only in decent weather!) because that was all I enjoyed — I like group classes. I dig spin. I am enjoying kickboxing. Group classes help keep me motivated and give me a reason to be there.

    It seems like getting regular exercise helps me feed the other things — I feel better so I’m more aware of what I’m eating and why, I sleep better (helps regulate hormones!), and I don’t want to “undo” my progress. I don’t think I could ever give up cheese fries completely, but everything in moderation … including moderation. 🙂

    My weight has gone up and down in the last seven years and I want to get this right, to level out and just be healthy. I’m 30 so now is the time to make it stick. (And PS Erin, you already look great. :))

  2. Exactly. A lot of people seem to think a “healthy lifestyle” is unattainable because they do still like cheese fries or beer or whatever your particular unhealthy vice happens to be.

    But the idea is that being healthy doesn’t have to be an all or nothing deal. You can be healthier than you used to be. You can have the goal of trying to get healthier than you are right now. It’s a journey, not a destination 🙂

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  4. I started working with a personal trainer as well and also felt a little silly at first (like, why couldn’t I do it myself…). I really like him and it’s good to know I’m putting my money toward what’s important.

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