Squash Teaser

Happy Saturday everyone! Normally, Erin and I are going to post everyday Monday-Friday but this morning I got my groceries from Fresh Direct and couldn’t wait to share this with you…

Acorn, spaghetti, and kabocha squash

So much yummy squash! The truth is, I used to be indifferent to squash. Then, I started reading the Kabocha Fashionista’s blog. She loves squash so much, it made me want to try some too. I was a little afraid of these hard shelled monsters because we never really ate them growing up. I never saw anyone prepare them before, and they just seem so intimidating!

A few weeks ago, my friend, Christy, came to visit for the weekend. We geeked out about food the whole time. It was so much fun! We went to the NYC farmer’s market and I confessed my fear of squash. Christy is a squash lover and health food enthusiast so she helped me pick out a butternut squash and told me a few ways to cook the different types. We made Squash Pudding from Forks Over Knives (p.174) and it was so delicious! I’ve been experimenting with squash recipes ever since.

Stay tuned to the blog this week to see how I cook the beautiful squash I got today!

Are there any foods you’ve been dying to try, but don’t know how to start? Are there any new foods you tried and loved?



  1. I LOOOOOVE squash! I think I “discovered” it about 3 years ago because we didn’t eat it growing up. I roast acorn and butternut squash regularly. Real Simple recently did a whole article of squash recipes and I want to try the bread pudding. Anyway, we keep chopped butternut in the fridge to roast for quick snacks. LOVE.

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  3. […] a series of posts on squash, the first was acorn squash, and the second was kabocha squash. After Christy schooled me in squash a few weeks ago, Mike and I tried making spaghetti squash for the first time. He topped it with […]

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