Staying Healthy While Traveling

I love traveling.

I spent a semester of college living in Ireland, and spent literally every last dollar I had getting to new places while I was there…Sweden, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, and half a dozen cities and towns around the little green countryside.

Right now, I’m gearing up for my first weekend away since starting my healthy eating and exercise routine. I’m heading to Indianapolis for a wedding planning weekend with the parents and future in-laws. I won’t have a car, so I’ll be on the schedule of those around me, and since we’re looking for places for a rehearsal dinner, and cupcakes, I’m sure there will be lots of unhealthy eating, and less devoted time for exercising.

I definitely don’t want to show up Monday morning for my session with my trainer and be a mess; frankly, the woman scares me a little 🙂

So while I was packing my suitcase earlier, I made some new (for me) decisions. Below is what my suitcase would normally look like for this weekend jaunt.

Packed to the gills for two days...sheesh.

And here are the healthy additions I managed to jam in on top!

This is how Balanced Erin travels!

So I’ve got the usual:  workout clothes, my awesome sneakers, and a water bottle (drinking water on a regular basis is new to me, so I figured having my container along would help keep my new habit going). I’m also bring my heart rate chest strap and a bag of granola.  Eating breakfast is also a fairly new practice in my life, so I didn’t want to get off track by skipping it entirely or eating something I’d regret later. Plus, I can always use a little extra fiber in my diet while traveling.

My plan for the weekend is to hit the gym (which is probably just a treadmill or a bike in a tiny room) for an hour tomorrow and Saturday. I’m hoping that I can stay on track while traveling, and that getting some physical activity in will help me stay positive when dealing with the stress that will inevitably show up during the wedding planning sessions.

Help a traveling girl out. Anyone have any tricks or tips on how to make traveling a little easier, from a nutrition and exercise standpoint?



  1. Good luck!

    I think having healthy snacks (and breakfast) around will definitely help — that way you don’t get to the point of OMG SO HUNGRY. Drink lots of water, and make healthier food choices when you can so that you don’t feel as bad about the cupcakes or less-healthy meals. (Don’t feel like you need to eat every cupcake to get a taste, either — cut a slice off with a fork and make Kyle eat the rest…:))

  2. Snacks are, indeed, super important. Also, bringing my shoes usually inspires me to use them simply because they take up so much room in the suitcase that I feel I’d better get some use out of them.

  3. […] gearing up to travel for the upcoming wintry holidays. You’ll remember that I recently did my first weekend away since starting my new exercise and nutritional plan, and I was pretty anxious about it, especially […]

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