Bye Week: A Day of Rest

Happy Monday everyone! Quickly, I just want to tell you we added a “Subscribe” button on the right. It’s the second widget down under Pages. If you Follow Balance by entering your email you’ll get our posts in your inbox as soon as they’re up. I just recently subscribed to a few blogs for the first time, and I find it much more convenient. Now I can read posts on my iPhone without cell/internet access. It’s great for subways and airplanes!

This will be a short work week and I’m excited, but that means I have to get all of my work finished before I leave on Wednesday. Anyone who knows me really well, knows I love routine. I also love to travel and see my friends and family. Ever since I was a kid, however, vacations usually brought on some kind of melt down. Traveling is still one of my biggest challenges in pursuing a balanced life.

I have pre-vacation anxiety about all the things I need to get done at work and at home before I leave. I can feel the muscles in my back tensing up as I write this. This week, instead of clinging to my routine before I leave I’ve decided to make a few changes in an effort to relax a little more.

Normally, on Sundays I cook for the week and Mike watches football. Usually, I’ll watch a couple games too.  Yesterday, we decided to take the day off. We ate out for breakfast, went for a walk in central park, I took a nap and then we watched hours of How I Met Your Mother. It was so great!

This morning, I woke up late and didn’t go to the gym or park to meditate. When I saw my messy apartment, I started to feel guilty. Now, I’m reminding myself I needed that day off from hyperactivity. I’ve tried to take a rest day for weeks, but was always too busy.

It’s important enough for many major religions and professional sports* to periodically have a day of rest. So why is it so hard to take a day off? Do you take a bye week? What do you do to relax?

*I am in no way saying they are equal, merely offering a spiritual and secular example 🙂



  1. Call me weird… I don’t find it hard to take a day off.

    But I think that living in New York (and specifically Manhattan) can make it difficult. The same is probably true of Chicago proper. I don’t want to sound all “yay suburbs” — not what I mean at all. I just think there’s a certain pace to some people’s lives that they find hard to drop, and that’s more prevalent and encouraged in large cities. It also has to do with personality.

    I COULD be much busier than I am. I could get involved in more, be more social, find more things to do. I resist getting too busy, because I like being able to leave work at 3:30, be home by 4:15 and stay there. I like spending a Sunday with a trip to Target and spending the rest of the day doing laundry and reading. It’s a conscious choice to have this lifestyle — aided by a job with hours I could arrange to my liking and that doesn’t require much of me beyond the 8-hour day.

    I am social; I see friends some weekends, go to yelp events once a month or so, etc. And family stuff takes up a decent amount of time. But when I have the opportunity to spend a Friday night with a book, I take it.

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