Order Up!

Since I was taking a bye week and decided not to cook, I’ve been eating out or ordering food a lot. This is something I generally try not to do too often for two reasons: the first is financial and the second is nutritional.

As Erin mentioned in her post yesterday, it’s much harder to make healthy choices at a restaurant than at home. The funny thing is, I find it easier to make healthy choices when I order delivery than when I go to the real restaurant. I tend to find a couple healthy dishes I like and order them again and again. If I go to a restaurant the sights and smells of other people’s food makes me want to try something new and oftentimes less healthy.

So over the last few days, I took pictures of the dishes I ate at restaurants, got delivered, or scrounged up in my apartment in a few minutes. I managed to eat pretty healthy and for that I’m proud of myself.

Here’s a slide show of my nutritional adventures. I find take out food is less visually appealing than eating in a restaurant…but I’m too lazy to plate my food.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s your favorite healthy restaurant and/or item on the menu?



  1. One of my favorite eating out treats is finding a restaurant with a really good veggie burger. Dumont Burger has a pretty decent one, and the one at Northeast Kingdom was SO GOOD.

    And now I want a burger. Dang.

  2. I pack lunches most days, and I keep a plate and bowl at my office so that I can plate my lunch. I’ve learned that a PB&J on a real plate has about the same emotional value as steak on a paper plate. To me, eating out of tupperware or off a paper plate doesn’t feel like eating so much as refilling the calorie tank (the only exception might be picnics, where a paper/plastic plate is part of the ambiance).

  3. It really varies from place to place, but a small local burger place across the street from us not only has the traditional beef and lots of toppings and fries choice, they also have chicken breast, ground turkey, ahi tuna and edamame. And with any sandwich you can get salad as a side — a nice mix of spring greens, carrot, cucumber, tomato. So it feels somewhat indulgent while being a lot better for you than a bacon and cheddar burger and fries.

  4. There’s a place in Chicago (not entirely sure it’s a chain, but most likely it is) called Protein Bar. You can get all the burritos they make with tofu instead of chicken/other meat. Everything they serve is very healthy and filling (and delicious).

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