Get Your Hot Toddies Here!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! Is everyone ready for a new week? Actually, I kind of am. I had a wonderful vacation in Indiana with Mike’s family. Then we got home in time to chill on the couch and clean a little bit. I even ordered groceries from Fresh Direct.

After all that traveling and a smoky bar on Saturday night, Mike was feeling a little congested so I made us a couple hot toddies. Aside from following most of the standard cold advice, I do three things when I feel a cold coming on:

  1. All day drink as much green, white, or herbal tea with honey. It soothes my throat, opens nasal passages and calms my chest (lungs?).
  2. In the evening, drink a hot toddy (see details below!) and go to bed early!
  3. Slather my throat, chest, and under my nose with Vicks VapoRub before bed (this is my mother’s advice and I swear by it too, but no one ever listens!).

I try to avoid cold medicine because I always have annoying side effects, but if the cold gets the better of me, I’ll use it.

Here’s the fun part: the hot toddy! Think of it as your reward for getting through the day. You can make it with or without whiskey depending on your preference. The apple cider is not necessary, but I had some in the house and it was yummy. You can use water or tea as a base instead. Also, cloves are an excellent addition, but I didn’t have any.

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If you drink your hot toddy for medicinal purposes, make sure you drink a whole glass of water beforehand. Then go to bed early afterwards. Doctor’s orders!*

What do you do when you get a cold? What is your favorite home remedy?

*This is just an expression, I have no medical training. Seek a doctor’s advice for all serious illness.



  1. I drink tea like mad when sick, too, although usually just whatever red (rooibos) or herbal we have on hand. With a dash of honey.

    I’ve done the “hot toddy” variation too although not as formally as you do — usually it’s lemon juice, honey and a bit of whiskey if we have it. Just hot lemon and honey is good too, honey is great for soothing scratchy throats. Also, a high dose of Vitamin C and Zinc can help boost your immune system.

    Matthew and I both woke up with sore-ish, gunky throats on Sunday. I’m going to drink an Emergen-C here shortly.

    1. I’m so happy to see the Top Teller mug being featured in your blog post! Smiles.
      Have really been enjoying hot toddies this season myself.

      1. When my supplies are low, I find hot water, lemon, honey, and whiskey suffice.

        Thanks for commenting ladies!

        Rachel, I forgot you know the Top Teller mug well. Glad to hear from you!

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