Exercise Champ

This is going to be a little bit of a brag post, after I get through the awful part leading up to it.

Monday, I told you,I didn’t have a very good workout. I also told you I was doing a no-dairy experiment, and I’m getting some interesting feedback on that.

To clarify my point, I’m not necessarily buying into the addiction idea. I think it’s interesting that a lot of my plant-based reading has mentioned it recently. So I’m experimenting to see how my body and mind respond to the lack of dairy products. It could wind up being a very uninteresting experiment 🙂

But back to this post.

On Tuesday, I had a little bit of a breakdown. Between feeling down about my crappy exercise on Monday, work pressure, my apartment being a disaster, and feeling behind on about 100 different things, I just had to sit down and cry. It happens sometimes, and I think that crying every so often helps to release that build up of weird emotional pressure.  But after that, I made a to-do list, and I started knocking it out. On that list was, “Have a great workout on Wednesday.”

And guys, I definitely did.  It’s amazing what a difference a positive attitude (and getting enough sleep) can make.

When I woke up this morning, I made sure to give myself enough time to wash my workout clothes, drink a couple glasses of water, have a snack, and psych myself up. My mantra this morning was simple:  I feel strong. I am strong.

And I was. I upped my weights in every exercise, I worked my muscles to failing, and I enjoyed it. I did 45 push-ups (which is probably 40 more than I was ever able to do at any other point in my life) and I dead lifted 40 pounds (I started with 10!). I asked questions about form, I stayed focused and in tune with my body, and I just felt kind of exhilarated when I finished.

This is my fifth week of hard workouts with Carla. I do feel stronger, more energized, and I noticed today that my jeans are fitting a little looser.

I think that exercise will always be a struggle for me; I’m much more of an indoor kid, happier in front of a game console than on a treadmill. But weight training has been such a positive experience for me; it’s dynamic and challenging and so rewarding to think Yeah, I did something today that I never thought I’d be able to do (which is how I felt after those push-ups).

No advice or challenges today, folks. Just letting you know the positive changes that exercise are making in my life, mostly that I feel really good about myself and the body I’m inhabiting.

Have you ever had a really amazing workout? Tell me about it…let’s keep these good feelings going!


One comment

  1. I usually feel pretty good after my workouts, although some more than others. I have to say, I miss spin; it wasn’t the toughest strength/resistance workout (though we did some weights) but it was really good cardio. I always felt really pleasantly tired afterward.

    Anyway, with my new classes I’m still working on that — I’m not very coordinated so the kickboxing steps are proving a bit of a challenge. But I need a good challenge.

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