Working Hard

Hey all!  It’s been a busy week/weekend for both of your lovely authors. I’ve been finishing up Save the Dates for my impending wedding, writing out Christmas cards, wrapping presents, cleaning house, and trying to figure out what to do with the three college students who are going to be sharing my home for a week, starting on Saturday.  In addition to all that, my dad is out visiting, so we’ve been doing fun NYC things with him. I’m honestly not even sure what Debbie’s up too…we’ve both been so busy that we haven’t even talked on the phone in a couple days!

The middle of December is always where the holiday rush starts to kind of overwhelm me. With all the present buying, travel plans, and pre-vacation work deadlines…things can start to get a little crazy in all aspects of your life.

So this is just a little note to remind you that the holiday season is supposed to be fun! Enjoy the Christmas music for a couple more weeks, do some baking, practice wrapping those presents, and get a little crafty. I made some pretty ornaments for our tree last night, and it was nice to sit and relax and do something with my hands, after flipping out about the presents I have left to buy earlier in the day.

I’m wishing you all good luck this week and next. Keep working out, keep eating healthy, and keep remembering that you love your family and friends, and that’s why you’re making yourself crazy.

I have an evaluation on Wednesday from Carla, so I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my last six/seven weeks have progressed.  Here’s hoping to see some improvements!

So what are you guys doing to prep for the holidays? Working late? Last minute shopping? Teaching yourself to become a present-wrapping genius?




  1. Thanks for posting, Erin! I was caught up with normal weekend chores as well as buying presents and my work Christmas party was last night. I have plans every night this week except tomorrow, so I’ll be cooking!

    Luckily, I cooked a lot last week so I’ll be sharing a few of those adventures this week.

    Here’s to not getting overwhelmed by work, social engagements, and Christmas preparations! Hope everyone is doing well. I’ll be on with recipes tomorrow! Talk to you more then!

  2. Trying to keep up with everything at work (which is busier than it usually is this time of year), along with finishing Christmas shopping, planning a visit to my family, baking cookies, exercising and trying to find time to clean the house, oh yeah and just sit and read 🙂

    Tonight is going to be “White Christmas” on AMC and making chex mix.

    1. White Christmas is great movie! I watch it every year! AMC and TCM are two of my favorite channels!

  3. […] morning all! Sorry to miss you yesterday, but it was a hectic weekend! I left a comment about it on Erin’s post yesterday. I hope everyone is doing well and cheerfully preparing for the […]

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