Quick and Healthy Teriyaki

Good morning all! Sorry to miss you yesterday, but it was a hectic weekend! I left a comment about it on Erin’s post yesterday. I hope everyone is doing well and cheerfully preparing for the holidays!

In case you’re looking for a quick and easy dish to whip up for dinner, today’s post is about a teriyaki vegetable recipe. This recipe is easy to adjust to your personal tastes and whatever is available in your house or at the store.

Feel free to substitute frozen vegetables (as I did with the broccoli), but be aware they cook faster and get mushy quicker than fresh vegetables. Also, I’ve noticed a big difference in the quality of different brands, so get the best frozen vegetables you can find/afford.

There is a note about adding chicken, if that’s your preference, at the end.

1/2 large white onion (or a small one)
6 garlic cloves
small head of cauliflower
basket of crimini mushrooms
red bell pepper
1/2 bag frozen broccoli (fresh broccoli didn’t look so good last week)
small can of water chestnuts (Mike loves these, I don’t)
Fresh Direct Teriyaki Marinade  (substitute any teriyaki marinade, make your own, or use soy sauce)
2 tablespoons corn starch

  1. Chop vegetables to desired size for stir fry.
  2. Line a large skillet with water and fry garlic and onions together until onions are soft and translucent. Watch carefully to make sure garlic doesn’t burn.
  3. Add cauliflower, then bell pepper, then mushrooms and frozen broccoli, giving each a minute. Add teriyaki marinade and water as necessary.
  4. In a small bowl whisk a cup of marinade with two tablespoons of corn starch. Pour mixture over vegetables in pan and allow to thicken.
  5. Serve over cooked brown rice (cook rice ahead of time or while chopping vegetables) and enjoy!

If you would like to add chicken to this recipe: Marinade boneless skinless chicken breast in teriyaki marinade. While stir frying vegetables, bake chicken around 350-400 until done about 20 minutes depending on the size. Cut up and serve with vegetables and rice.

What’s your go to quick and easy meal when you’re busy? 



  1. Because I’m super pedantic and annoying, you’re not actually (stir-)frying these, if there’s only water in there. 😉 Olive oil and a dash of sesame oil would be good. I prefer a little oil (well heated in the wok, so not much soaks in) because it keeps the veggies crisper and adds some flavor. But I know you like to try to keep things super low-fat.

    I’d probably use bok choy or something instead of cauliflower.

    Lately my easy, healthy dinner has been lentil soup — just lentils, broth, a little spinach and some spices. Lots of fiber and warm and filling.

    I will also do a small potato, diced, with onion, spinach, any other veggies I have lying around, browned with a little olive oil in a skillet, a sprinkle of cheese and an egg on the side. I know potatoes cause a little controversy but with the skin on they’re fairly healthy, and an egg is great protein.

    1. I realized after I posted “stir-fry” was not the right term, but “steaming” sounds sad. I like to pretend. 🙂 Hopefully, the other readers will understand. I suppose it could be confusing.

      I have to make this lentil soup soon!

      I like potatoes and hard boiled eggs. They’re both frequently questioned in the healthy food court, but still on my list of faves! I just bought a big bag of potatoes because they were on sale. Think I’ll try something like this soon. Sounds good!

      1. Eggs by themselves, are a complete protein, filling and tasty. It’s when you start loading them up with butter, cheese and bacon that it can get pretty unhealthy. But one or two a week? No problem. 🙂

  2. […] Lately, I’m interested in the idea of planning whole meals. I love one pot meals, such as stir-fry and warm salad, however, I’ve wanted to step up my dinner game with a little […]

  3. I meant to say this yesterday…Lindsay over at Happy Herbivore calls it “water sauteing” which definitely sounds fancier (and maybe more accurate) than steaming.

    1. Oh, that’s good to know! I like that much better!

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