Christmas Vacation Health Review

Good morning everyone! I had an absolutely amazing Christmas vacation with my family. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday as much as I am! As Erin mentioned, I was more focused on family than blogging, so I don’t have a big post for you today! I did manage to take some dinner pictures to share with you. I think this was probably my healthiest Christmas to date. My mom and I went for 3-4 mile walks a couple of days, and I went for a couple less aggressive walks too. I get restless if I don’t get up and move around.

My mom also made sure there was tons of healthy food in the house. Normally, we have bunches of sweets, which is my greatest weakness! We talked about it ahead of time and realized most of the family either didn’t want, couldn’t or shouldn’t eat too many sweets. So this year we cut back on that. She also made sure there was almond milk, free range eggs, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, and spinach for me. Isn’t she the best?

The truth is, I felt a little sick Christmas morning. I think that’s probably from all the excitement, too many sweets, too much oil, dairy, coffee, and wine all in a few hours on Christmas Eve (after dinner). So then I tried was more conservative the rest of vacation. I will probably be strict with my nutritional plan the rest of the week as well.

I took a picture on Christmas Eve, but now I can’t find it! 😦 We had ham, brown rice with spinach, broccoli, and whole grain bread.

Christmas Dinner: Quinoa, turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, whole wheat bread, cranberry sauce

Traditional Colombian Dinner: My brother cooked this, but I can't remember the names. Fried plantains, red beans, and chicken stew? Anyway, it was so yummy! Tom feel free to explain in the comments!

How was your holiday? Did you stick to your healthy and balanced goals and nutritional plans?


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