Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had wonderful holidays. Mine were happy and full–so busy I couldn’t find much time to write.

Work at my office is also picking up again, and I anticipate being quite busy for several months. My personal life has been just as busy and full lately. I’m happy, excited, stressed and then too busy to think about all of it for more than a minute. Such is life when you’re living it!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the blog and how I wish I had more time to spend on it, and with all of you. Previously, I was adhering to a strict posting schedule, but now I’m rethinking that. Over the next few weeks or even months, I may not have the time for such an intense schedule. I greatly value the blog and all the things it allows me to discuss with you; I can’t imagine giving it up! So I think the best compromise for now, is to post when I can, be it morning, noon, or night. The posts might be shorter or more experimental. I hope you find it interesting and we can all grow a little more balanced together in 2012! If you’re concerned about missing irregular posts and adventures, subscribe to the blog or follow me on twitter @BalanceDeb.

Now,  I must admit I’ve been back-sliding in my exercise habits and nutritional plans. I’m trying to get to work earlier, which means less time for the gym in the morning (an excuse, yes). I’m also stressed and busy which makes me inclined to eat like I’m cramming for finals (i.e. cramming all things fatty and sweet into my mouth while I work on my computer). I spend many mornings and afternoons dreaming of coffee, too. Over the holidays, I renewed my relationship with sweets.

Despite the stress, I’m still in a better place physically, emotionally and spiritually than at other stressful points in my life. I think this is because of the personal progress I’ve made. I also owe much to my strong support group of friends, family, and my blogging friends (thanks guys!).

So to keep things positive, I want to take a page from my friend, Reb, and show you a few of my favorite things.

Mike and I recently acquired two new mugs from Bee Tree Pottery in his hometown. They really brighten up my day! It’s the little things!

These handmade mugs remind me of quiet days in Indiana.

We just received these two mugs as a gift from our friend Emily. They make me think of what a wonderful weekend we had over New Years with old friends, I’m sure they’ll be keeping me warm all winter long.

Guess which mug is mine? I think Em said these mugs are from Anthropologie.

I got Mike this Yoda mug for Christmas from a local coffee shop, and it makes me smile every time I see him use it.

"May the force be with you."

Here’s a stack of all the new cookbooks I received for Christmas (and a couple from last year). I can’t wait to page through, pour over…and spill on all these books! I’ll be sure to share all the trials and successes with you as I experiment with the recipes.

Oh, cookbooks! Too many to list!

What’s keeping you going or stressing you out for the first week of the new year? 



  1. Balancing everyday life with time invested in building the life I want…hard to do both at once.

  2. Mild stress: Work is busier this January than it has been any of the previous Januaries I’ve worked here, and they’re overhauling the department.
    And my dear husband is trying to put together a new computer, plus fight off his own seasonal blues, and if he’s bummed or stressed it affects me too (not to be all “woe is me” here).

    But restarting aerobics classes next week will help. A new washer and dryer will help. And I have a cruise in March to motivate me to look fitter and stronger and lose a few extra holiday lbs.

  3. […] and harder than clinging to crutches and addictions.  I was super flattered when Deb wrote a Welcome Back! post this week and referenced  “My Favorite Things.”  We seem to both agree that […]

  4. […] and harder than clinging to crutches and addictions.  I was super flattered when Deb wrote a Welcome Back! post this week and referenced  “My Favorite Things.”  We seem to both agree that […]

  5. […] few weeks wedding planning. We’re both getting busier at work as well. So that’s why I haven’t had much time for the blog lately. We hope to put a deposit on a venue and set the date for the wedding soon. […]

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