From Cover to Cover

Hi everyone! It’s been great getting back to the blog and sharing with all of you! I just want to take a moment to tell you about our new page, “Be a Guest Blogger” (in the column on the right). If you haven’t already, check it out. Erin and I would love to hear from you!

As some of you know, I was an English major in college. When I was a kid or in high school, I loved finding a good book and reading it for hours. I think I read some books (Harriet the Spy, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Women, Where the Red Fern Grows are the first to come to mind but there are many more!) from cover to cover in hours or a couple of days. I was so engrossed in the narrative of some stories, I forgot to eat. I hid under the covers with a flashlight reading past bedtime. Were you like that too? Do you remember that feeling?

Mike's bookshelf on the left, my bookshelf on the right. Now, we both read mostly ebooks.

When I’m stressed, I try to think of activities or routines which I found calming or distracting in the past. I’ve mentioned cooking, exercising, yarn crafting, and meditating. Recently, I rediscovered my joy in reading. I read Jane Eyre, then The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Society, then Olive Kitteridge and now Wench.

For the longest time, I only read at night before bed or occasionally on the subway. Now, I read at lunch instead of working straight through and always on the train. In a way, I feel like a kid again: I’m lost in an imaginary world. So what if my standards for writing, character development, and plot are a little higher. It used to frustrate me so much when I read poorly written books that I became disengaged from my love of reading. But now, it is such a comfort and a joy to lose myself not only in imaginary lives, but the art of good writing. I get many of my book recommendations from friends and NPR.

If you too are looking to rekindle your love for reading I strongly recommend The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Society it is a beautifully written celebration of books, words, and the love of reading.

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or unbalanced, I recommend looking back to the things which made you happy as a kid. I’m not one for nostalgia or the idealization of Childhood. I do think, however, I often had a better understanding of what I wanted–what made me happy when I was younger. That is, before I allowed too many expectations and bad habits to cloud my perception of happiness. Like Erin said, scheduling time for the things that make you happy is just as important as house chores and work.

What books did you get lost in as a child? What books have you read lately which are just as engrossing?



  1. So many books. I read voraciously. Have since I was three.

    I recently really enjoyed a book by Albert Brooks (yep, the actor). Funny near-future story. But my favorite books to get lost in include:
    The Time Traveler’s Wife
    American Gods
    Good Omens
    The Shining

    I’m sure there are more, those are off the top of my head.

    1. Thanks for sharing your faves! I haven’t read any of them. I think I would get lost in my nightmares if I read the shining 😉 But I know a few people who love mystery/crime/horror novels. I can see how they would be enticing. That’s the great thing about books, isn’t it? There are so many options for all of us!

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