(Vegan) Plant Based Whole Foods for Lent


Herbivore Snacks for my office...not necessarily whole foods, but still pretty healthy!


Hi everyone! Erin and I decided to eat plant-based, whole foods (vegan) for Lent. After three days, how am I doing?

I started in the middle of the week with no food in my house and no plans. Big mistake! It’s harder eat plant-based in restaurants than when I’m cooking.

I cannot remember what I ordered or from where. It was good, but maybe not the best thing for my stomach 😦

I don’t like the word “vegan” and neither do most people I know…or most servers.

I went on date night with Mike on Thursday night to one of our favorite restaurants, Cask. We ate at the bar because the wait for a table was an hour. The menu is vegetarian friendly, but not as vegan friendly. Also, my stomach was upset so I asked for steamed vegetables on a plate. The bartender was confused at first, but kindly asked the manager who checked with the kitchen. I got a plate of steamed spinach, green beans, asparagus, and carrots. Perfect! They only charged us for a side of vegetables ($6) and Mike left a big tip. The sad thing is, I was embarrassed for being picky the whole time. That’s definitely something I’ll have to work on.

Friday, I survived my first work lunch at Pampano. The server was helpful and after a few of my questions (are the plantains fried in oil or butter?), she informed me they had vegetarian/vegan enchiladas available though they were not on the menu. Score! They were yummy. I wish more restaurants had secret vegan options! My boss and coworker were supportive, and we had a few laughs. I wonder if the boss will invite me to lunch again before Easter? 🙂

Stone Ground Oatmeal takes forever to cook!

 Today, I got an order from Fresh Direct full of vegetables, fruits and other plant-based snacks. I have a few meals planned out and I’m hoping this week will be a little easier. This morning, I already went to the gym (first time in 3 weeks), ate a bowl of oatmeal, and blueberry oatmeal muffins just came out of the oven. As soon as they are cool enough, I plan to spread on some peanut butter eat them! They smell so good! Unlike me–definitely hitting the shower after muffins. Then hopefully cooking some more!

I cannot wait to devour these!

I hope your Saturday is going well. See you again soon!

Did you give anything up (or add anything) for Lent? Any tips for going vegan, or being a less difficult customer at restaurants? 



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