About Debbie

About Me

I live in Manhattan with my husband, Mike, and work as a bookkeeper for a restaurant group.  I was born in Oklahoma, raised in Delaware, an English major at Indiana University, and lived in South Carolina for a year before moving to Brooklyn, and then settled in Manhattan.  My passions and interests include: writing, cooking, crocheting, reading, NPR and so much more!

My Balancing Act

I say “balancing act” because there is a big difference between pursuing a balanced life and appearing to live one. Like many people, I have a history of swinging from pursuing balance to giving up.  I also have a history of stomach problems (I’ll spare you the details) and migraines.  Thinking these were unsolvable issues (probably related to anxiety) I suffered occasionally  at first and then with increasing frequency for several years before seeking medical help.  I went to my primary care physician and then a specialist she recommended.  After doing some tests, the specialist recommended a diet change.  He encouraged a starch and meat focused diet with fewer salads and less alcohol.  He also prescribed a couple of medications.  For the first six months I felt better.  Then the stomach problems got worse and they were frequently accompanied by migraines.

My Journey Towards Balance

After a year, I sought a more holistic approach and eventually found an acupuncturist.  She helped me develop a plant-based whole foods diet combined with an exercise and meditation routine.  These changes and habits combined with acupuncture laid the foundation for me to strengthen and restore my body as well as explore creative, intellectual and spiritual changes. Now I am focusing on creating a career in writing and becoming a better cook.

I hope this blog will not only help me stay on this path but help me find other people who are on similar journeys, pursuing health and creativity for a more balanced life.  I hope to hear from you soon!



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